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Arianna Tysinger is an entertainer based out of the southeast. Having been in over 50 films and 60 theatrical productions, she has been working starting at the age of 9. Her most recognized films are "Sea Salt Wind", "Dreg", "Dead De La Creme", "Jams", and "Three Quarters".  When she isn't on a set, she can be found performing with a variety of sideshows and burlesque shows across the country.

"The Last Box"

Written By Kevin Bahr

A long take film about a separated couple and removing the last box from their once shared home.

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"Sea Salt Wind"

Directed by Zack Fox

Sea Salt Wind tells the story of a mysterious young lady riding around a landlocked city on a bike with a surfboard. She is serving a self made penance, while working in a food truck with a father figure, after her passionate romance went wrong.


Directed by Steve Wolf

Dreg is a film about a woman struggling with her mental health as a demon vies to possess her soul.


"Dead De La Creme"

Directed by Jaiden Frost

Stranded on an island during a zombie outbreak, a polyamorous triad sit down for dinner, but little do they know the island is the only place affected by the virus and will be bombed by midnight.

"Spirit of the Cinema"

Directed by Zack Fox

A family-owned movie theater struggles with the transition from film to digital while haunted by their own decision to sell the business or hand it down to the next generation.

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"Gone Home"

Directed by Shay McCleavy

A woman returns home for a family funeral to be reminded of why she left, but also of the family she left behind.


Directed by Erica Edwards

A night in the life of Death, personified as a woman, as she encounters three strangers and helps them pass over into...whatever they believed in.

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"Charlotte and Paul"

Directed by Shay McCleavy

An normal man falls in love with an eccentric woman as we follow them on an exciting night out

Additional Movies

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